Wagon Buffers B037 - B045
B037   Wagon Buffer 2’01/2’’ 15"head
                early RIV self contained heavy duty
Heavy duty buffer, late 1930's military & continental ferry type wagons.
Heavy duty buffer, late 1930's fitted to Mineral wagons sent to France for the war effort, many returned to BR
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B041  Wagon Buffer 1’6’’ 13’’head Duplex,
                shock absorbing wagons
Shock absorbing wagons and vans.
B040   Wagon Buffer 1’81/2’’ oval head,
                self contained, heavy duty,
                2 parallel ribs
Heavy duty buffer, steel carrying bogie wagons.
B039  Wagon Buffer 2’01/2’’ 14'' head, RIV
                self contained,  heavy duty.
B038   Wagon Buffer 2’01/2’’ 16’’head, RIV
                self contained  heavy duty.
Early RIV buffer, continental ferry vans, wagons and tankers.
B042  Wagon Buffer 2’01/2’’  16’’head,
                Heavy duty
B043  Wagon Buffer 1’6’’ 13’’head, 4-rib
                with top lugs
B044  Wagon Buffer 1’81/2’’  13" head,
               4-rib with collar and top lugs
B045  Wagon Buffer 1’81/2’’  13" head,
               4-rib with top lugs
Modified buffer with welded collar for wagons later fitted with vacuum brakes
Original buffer for LNE/BR built unfitted steel opens and single bolster wagons
Heavy duty Ironstone Hoppers, other heavy hoppers and bogie vehicles
Original buffer for LNE/BR built fitted steel open wagons
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