Wagon Buffers B028 - B036
B028   Wagon Buffer 1’6” 13” head - self 
                contained, LNE/BR insulfish & Blue Spot.
B029   Wagon Buffer 1’6’’ 2 rib 16’’head,
                wood packer, exROD/NER Boplate.
B030   Wagon Buffer 1’81/2”13"head -
                extended GWR self contained, six ribs
B032   Wagon Buffer 1’6" 4 rib 14" head,
                Plate wagons
B033   Wagon Buffer 1’6” no rib 12"head,
                round base, Mineral wagons (wood)
B034   Wagon Buffer 1’6” 4 rib 12"head,
                round base Mineral wagons (wood)
B035   Wagon Buffer 1’6” 4 rib 12"head,
                round base, 2 with lug, (as above)
B036  Wagon Buffer 1’6’’ 16’’head,
                heavy duty with 2 open ribs,
Late LNER ‘insulfish’ Fish van and ‘Blue Spot’ Fish vans, also some heavy duty wagons.
Government built and NER Boplate, Old ‘Ian Kirk’ kit.
Extended version of B022 as seen on some GWR fitted wagons and vans.
LNER/LMS/BR 4 wheel plate wagons steel built, unfitted, some fitted,
Early private owner , coal and general goods, wooden framed wagons
Early heavier RCH private owner , coal and general goods, wooden framed wagons.
Early heavier RCH private owner,  two with lugs for end door wooden coal wagons.
Heavy duty buffer,  Boplate E  and some longer bogie bolsters. 
China clay, Ballast hoppers and ploughs,  Engineers wagons.
B031   Wagon Buffer 1’6” 2 rib 13"head- BR
                self contained, China clay wagons.
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