Wagon Buffers B046 - B053
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Hydraulic Buffers 
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B046  Wagon Buffer 16 4 rib 12 head                 (Similar to B002 but with 12 head)

RCH buffer fitted to early wooden

 and steel wagons.

B047  Wagon Buffer  16 4 rib 12 head
           (Similar to B001 but with 12 head)

         RCH Mineral buffer, 2 with lugs

 Wooden mineral wagons.

B048  Wagon Buffer 16 no ribs 12 head

Early GWR, unfitted wagons

         Rectangular base rounded corners
B049  Wagon Buffer 20, rectangular head
Modern bogie stock including Irish prototypes
Customers outwith the UK -
please see important message on postage/ terms page
B050 Wagon Buffer 16, 18'' round head
LMS bogie stock including old Tri-ang Trestrol wagon.
B051 Wagon Buffer 181/22 rib 13" head
LNER early fitted buffer as fitted to new Parkside LNER brake van 'TOAD E'
B052 Wagon Buffer 2'1/2 16 " head  
          RIV  self-contained, clipped top edge.       
Heavy duty buffer for late 1930's military wagons, fitted to Warwell wagons
B053 Wagon Buffer 1'6" 13 " head.
          Round base with step. "
              Left and right handed buffers included.
NER  Wooden hopper wagon .