Wagon Buffers B019 - B027
B019      WagonBuffer 181/22 rib 13"head-  
                    GWR fitted buffer.
B020       Wagon Buffer 16 2 rib 
                    13"head- GWR buffer
B021       Wagon Buffer 181/213"head-
                    early GWR, no ribs, base with
                    round corners.
B022       Wagon Buffer 1613"head- GWR
                    self contained, six ribs
B023      Wagon Buffer 1616"head- GWR
                    self contained, six ribs
B024       Wagon Buffer 16 4 rib 13 head-
                    with step.
B025       Wagon Buffer 16" 4 rib 16"
                    head- with step
B026      Wagon Buffer 181/216"head-
                   Southern Railway 4 wheel CCT,
                   PMV, BY
B027      Wagon Buffer 16-181/213 head -
                   self contained, early LMS guards van
Later GWR vacuum fitted wagons and vans, some early BR built GW wagons.
GWR unfitted wagons and vans.
Early GWR vacuum fitted wagons and vans, short body, long buffer shank..
Later GWR vacuum fitted wagons and vans, some early BR built GW wagons.
Later GW/BR vacuum fitted wagons and vans, Fruit D, Bogie bolster, Mink, Lowmac.
Many steel mineral wagons, small hopper wagons, some Sand and Conflats.
Larger hopper wagons, most Covhop, some Grain.
Most SR long wheelbase parcel vans, cast with packer to fit 'Parkside' vans.
Midland Railway derived LMS Guards vans (Parkside), also some heavy duty wagons.
Unfitted or fitted (using packer)
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