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Ivatt Tender Chassis Kit - for EM and P4 gauges CK003

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This is a fully sprung tender chassis using the Continuous Springy Beam (CSB) principle. It is designed to fit the Bachmann Ivatt 2mt and 4mt locomotive tenders and includes details such as water pick-up gear and linkage, brake cross-shaft, pull rods and levers. The kit also includes detailed frame stretchers which are attached to the chassis and are very visible through the frame cut-outs. Also includes separate guard irons for glueing onto the Bachmann model
The chassis will also fit kit-built tenders where the underside or floor of the tank is flush with the footplate edge.
The kit consists of a nickel-silver etch and white metal castings. It includes all the hornblocks & bearings, brass rod and wire. A number of jigs are included on the etch to aid assembly.
Requires 3' 61/2" Stanier tender wheels available from Alan Gibson or Ultrascale (not included).
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 24.95 each
 Bulk Pack of 5 for 115.00
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