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Fowler Tender Chassis Kit - for EM and P4 gauges CK002

Product Details
This is a fully sprung tender chassis using the Continuous Springy Beam (CSB) principle. It is designed to fit the Bachmann Fowler 3500 gallon tender and includes details such as water pick-up gear and linkage, brake cross-shaft, pull rods and levers. The kit also includes detailed frame stretchers which are attached to the chassis and are very visible through the frame cut-outs.
The chassis will also fit kit-built tenders where the underside or floor of the tank is flush with the footplate edge e.g DJH.
The kit consists of a nickel-silver etch and white metal castings. It includes all the hornblocks & bearings, brass rod and wire. A number of jigs are included on the etch to aid assembly.
Requires 4' 3" Fowler tender wheels (not included).
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 24.95 each
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 Bulk Pack of 5 for 115.00
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