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   PC01 Shunter’s Pole for 3-link couplings in OO Gauge
   PC02 Shunter’s Pole for 3-link couplings in O Gauge
   PC03 Paddle for Hornby & Bachmann type couplings
   PC04 Plain Hook for B&B, DG, Jackson couplings
   PC05 Magnetic Tip for 3-link couplings OO Gauge
   PC06 Magnetic Tip for 3-link couplings O Gauge
Product Details
Shunter's Pole
Magnetic Tip
Plain Hook
Why make a tricky job more difficult by working in the dark, when you can use one of our Pentorch Uncouplers to shine a little light when trying to couple or uncouple your wagons, coaches and locos. The shunter's pole attachment is designed to work with a twisting motion - just like the real thing - and with a little practice makes short work of 3-link couplings.
PENTORCH COUPLER fitted with 1 attachment of your choice:-
 Pentorch requires 2 x AAA low power or rechargeable batteries
(not included). Using high power batteries may shorten the life of the bulb.
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