Coupling Hooks CH01 - CH07
CH01  Coupling Hook, plain    (20 hooks)
CH02   Coupling Hook, with small welded
                mounting plate   (12 hooks)
CH03   Coupling Hook, with extended
                welded mounting plate   (12 hooks)
CH04  Coupling Hook, with rectangular
                bolted plate, 4 bolts   (12 hooks)
CH05   Coupling Hook, with oval bolted
                plate, 2 bolts  (12 hooks)
CH06  Coupling Hook, with large 
                rectangular bolted plate,
                sniped corners (12hooks)
Hook for wagons, coaches and locomotives, no mounting plate or links.
Hook with plate, for BR  Palvan,  early Presflo,  some Lowfit and Mineral
Hook with extended plate, for wagons later fitted with longer buffers.
Hook with rectangular plate, for wagons, vans, some coaches, LMS, LNE, early BR,
Hook with oval plate, earlier wagons, private owner wagons.
Hook with large rectangular plate, earlier wagons, wooden private owner wagons.
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CH07   Coupling Hook, with extra extended
                welded mounting plate   (12 hooks)
Hook with extended plate, for wagons later fitted with 2'0 1/2" Oleo buffers.
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