Air & Vacuum Brake Pipes & Cylinders
VP01  Vacuum brake pipe,
                upright wagon type
VP02  Vacuum brake pipe,
                early buffer-beam type
VP03  Vacuum Brake pipe,
               BR type
Most pre-nationalisation fitted wagons and vans.
Coaches, parcels stock, earlier wagons where loads may overhang wagon ends.
Most BR fitted wagons, pipe bends up to buffer level then hangs down onto a rest.
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VC01  Vacuum Cylinders
Wagon vacuum brake cylinder set
VC02  Vacuum Cylinders
Heavy wagon and coach vacuum cylinder set
VC03  Vacuum Cylinders
Heavy wagon and coach vacuum cylinder set
VP04  Vacuum Brake pipe, upright
               wagon type, with low bracket
With low bracket for mounting directly onto buffer beam e.g.LNER/BR guards van
VP00  Vacuum brake pipes.
                Mixed pack of 10
Pack of 10 assorted vacuum brake pipes containing VP01, VP02, VP03 and VP04