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Etched Coupling Rods for OO,EM and P4 gauges CR07

 4.95 each
Product Details
7'0''+ 8'4'' coupling rods, fluted or plain.
Scale size for LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0.
The final locomotives built under Ivatt had a longer wheelbase than the earlier locomotives and the majority had fluted rods. Can be made up rigid or correctly jointed with a nickel silver rivet. The etch is nickel-silver for ease of soldering and includes the rivets. Designed for replacement scale wheel-sets on modern Hornby and kit built models.
Will fit standard crankpin bushes of 1.5mm diameter by 1.3mm long. Includes instructions and hints for assembly.
For the earlier  batches of locos built under Stanier and Fairburn see CR06.
Please note:
Hornby have made the two wheelbases so please check your model before ordering.