Wagon Buffers B001 - B009
B001     Wagon Buffer 16 4 rib 13 head,
                   2 with lugs, RCH
B002    Wagon Buffer 16 13"head,  RCH
B003    Wagon Buffer 16 4 rib 13 head    
                          (different from B002) 
B004     Wagon Buffer 181/24 rib 13 head
B005    Wagon Buffer 181/24 rib 13 head                   With welded collar
B006    Wagon Buffer 16 2 rib 13 head
B007     Wagon Buffer 16" 4 rib 16" head
B008    Wagon Buffer 181/2 2 rib
                 13 head 
B009     Wagon Buffer 16 2 rib 13 head     
                  Fabricated buffer
RCH mineral wagon and private owner  wooden mineral wagons
RCH buffer fitted to early wooden and steel wagons
LMS, LNER, BR, PO unfitted and many vacuum fitted wagons. Probably the most common used.
LMS, LNER, BR, Vacuum brake fitted wagons
1'6" + collar, wagons later fitted with vacuum brakes
LMS,BR, unfitted and some fitted wagons, very similar to one GWR design.
LMS, LNER,  BR, unfitted long wheelbase wagons, some Tube,  Bolster, some Covhop.
LMS, early BR, vacuum brake fitted wagons
Late LMS, BR, unfitted and some fitted wagons, Palvan, Lowfit, Medfit, Mineral.
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